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GLK5 (0.8-9.0mm) servo coil feeding system

GLK5 (0.8-9.0mm) servo coil feeding system

GLK5 Series coil feeder machine is one of our 3 in 1 decoiler, straightener and feeder machine. It works for 0.8-9.0mm thickness metal coil sheet in press room to realize automation feeding.

The decoiler section is for uncoiling the metal coil with 5000kgs weight capacity. The expansion is hydraulic so as to expand mandrel to suit the inner diameter of metal coil. The standard range is 450-520mm. 610mm inner diameter can be customized the mandrel. 

The straightener and feeder is for straightening and feeding metal strip with servo motor drive. The straightener rolls are adjusted by electric system with +/-0.1mm accuracy and feeding with +/-0.15mm. The rollers are made by bearing steel and electroplated with thicker chrom to reach to HRC 60-62. 

This 3 in 1 coil feeder machine can be compacted with mechanical press or hydraulic press machine for automatic stamping in press room. Also it can be equipped with shearing machine for cut to length.

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