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Automatic Metal Sheet Strip Straightener Machine

Automatic Metal Sheet Strip Straightener Machine

Mar 15,2018
 HS-400A Thick Sheet Straightener Machine, Automatic Metal Sheet Strip Straightener Machine  
Max coil width: 400mm
Coil thickness: 0.5-4.5mm
Straightening roller: Ø70*9pcs
Feeding roller: Ø95*4pcs
Roller pressing way: Cylinder Pressure  
Roller adsjuting way: Eccentric turbine worm adjusting
Motor: 5HP
Inverter: Delta,Taiwan
Feeding speed: 15m/min
1.  Straightening wheel adopts the solid bearing steel,Milling and plating hard chrome after the high frequency heat treatment,material is smooth,flat and non-scratching to the material surface after straightened by this machine.
2.  Individual use,or working together with MT or DBMT auto uncoiler for better result is possible.

3.  Material pressing adopts the big scale air cylinder;straightening adjusting adopts the synchronous worm wheel and the worm; the straightening top wheel drops 1 mm after turning the handle one circle for the precise adjusting.

4.  With high rigidity mechanical structure and big horsepower output,high speed and stable feeding to improve the production efficiency and prolong the equipment life span.

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