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RNC Servo Feeder Introduction

RNC Servo Feeder Introduction

Mar 16,2018
RNC Servo Feeder Introduction

Product introduction for servo feeder in stamping process Comparing to vintage power press feed like air feeder(pneumatic type),roll feeder(mechanical type and driven by press machine),servo feeder has following advantages:

1. various feeding pitch:more and more stamping manufacturers are using progressive die/tooling and it has various feeding pitch.servo feeder can set 10 various feeding pitch max.(for example,it set feed 50mm length for 3 times and 25mm length for 5 times and 20mm length for 2 times) due to the requirement of tooling/die.

2.easy operation:it just need to input data on touch screen to achieve.

3.low failure rate:the servo motor our company is using real Yaskawa from Japan and PLC from Mitsubshi to ensure quality

4.high feeding accuracy: 0.1mm 5.scrap cutting,counting function etc 6.for feeding soft material like aluminium and cooper etc,it is available to do PU rubber coated on feeding roll to reduce indentation descend.

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