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What are the advantages of Gear feeder

What are the advantages of Gear feeder

Update Time:2015/7/10

What are the advantages of Gear feeder?

Also known as the cam gear feeder feeder, mainly for high-speed high-precision synchronous feeding, by the housing, the first shaft (fitted with splitter and eccentric), a second shaft (fitted with a turret), the third axis, the first axis (equipped with a first roller and gear), the fifth axis (equipped with a second roller and a second gear), gear (from the third to sixth gears), swing seats, swing arm and clamping device component .
Gear feeder, connected by a first shaft punch output shaft operated by a divider and then struck the turret of the second shaft, and further through the first rotation of the roller gear drive; driving seat swing up and down movement by the eccentric wheel, when the downward movement of the swing seat can make the second roller and the first roller through the second gear and the first gear to rotate cooperate for feed; the second gear and the first gear can be separated from the seat when the swinging movement upwards, and then You can make a second roller and separated from the first roller to stop the feed, thus ensuring high-speed precision feeding.

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