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What is difference between High-speed presses and common press machine

What is difference between High-speed presses and common press machine

Update Time:2015/7/3
 What is difference between High-speed presses and common press machine?

Mainly punch than the average in terms of precision, strength, speed, system stability, and construction operation is good, but demanding. But not better than the ordinary high-speed punch presses on the specific application of the purchase will have to see if the punching speed of 200 or less, choose the general press is still relatively affordable. Here we give to explain the main differences between high-speed presses and ordinary punch.

1. Speed
Ordinary punch normal speed from 110 to 200 times less
High-speed presses speed is generally 200 to 1100 times more

2. Body material
High-speed presses fuselage material used high-grade, high-strength cast iron and tempered and stress relief through natural aging process, the use of the structural integration of special cast iron alloy, high rigidity and shock resistance to ensure their deformation coefficient is small, accuracy and stability.

3. Control mode
Common manual, foot, NC
High-speed presses are NC, automatic feeding, specially equipped with balancing and balance pad.

4. accuracy
There are general and precision accuracy on general
High-speed presses are precision, accuracy within 0.015mm, even up to 0.01mm, vertical accuracy of up to 1.2 wire and processed products more.

5. Applications
General press: Widely used in electronic components, instruments, toys, cars, tractors and other parts of the industry, forming, blanking, punching, bending and other cold stamping process
High-speed presses: Widely used in stamping precision electronics, communications, computers, household appliances, auto parts, motor rotor and other small precision parts.

6. Mold
General press: single die more and more maintenance costs
High-speed presses: both single die but continuous feed mode

7. Price
The price of high-speed presses Punch higher prices than ordinary, but relatively strong practicability

8. eccentric shaft
High-speed presses eccentric shaft design, strength is far greater than the general press crankshaft design, can withstand greater output capacity and deformation.

9. System Stability
High-speed presses major systems (air, lubrication, pressure locking) using a pressure display, pressure switch protection measures such as greater stability than ordinary punch system.
    High-speed presses and general press differences in configuration and performance is probably as described above, but the same high-speed presses or general press, their configuration and spare parts brand differentiation, but also there are differences in price. Buyers during the purchase consideration will depend not only on the purpose, have the quality of punch, price, configuration and other aspects into account.

What is difference between High-speed presses and common press machine

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