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HongEr Press Transfer Manipulator Testing after Manufacturing

HongEr Press Transfer Manipulator Testing after Manufacturing

Nov 28,2018

HongEr Press Transfer Manipulator Testing after Manufacturing

This press transfer system is to feed metal blanks to press machine. The manipulator in this video is 3D manipulator. HongEr Machine is testing it this morning.

Introduction of 3D Manipulator for Press Transfer System

This manipulator applies to multi-station production with a single punch press. Running synchronously with the punch press, it is mainly used in pressing of medium- and large-sized parts.

The equipment consists of a main unit, an auxiliary unit, conveying rods, an automatic rod change system, a mobile console and an electric box, all of which are respectively modularized to facilitate installation.

Digital cam control is realized based on servo motor; operation curves can be edited on the touch screen. Fast response, small following error and high positioning accuracy all contribute to high-speed synchronization between the manipulator and the punch press.

One-button rod change function is provided to reduce changeover time and improve efficiency.

Feeding and blanking modes can be selected flexibly; automatic feeding is possible either by the destacker or by the CNC uncoiling, straightening and feeding machine.

The manipulator provides the optimal motion curve to best fit the punch press curve so that the entire production line can run smoothly and efficiently.

Integrating advanced technological concepts, many years of field experience, precise and rigorous computations, and a mechanical structure design featuring high rigidity, the equipment can perform stably and reliably.

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