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How to solve the feeding accuracy problem?

How to solve the feeding accuracy problem?

Update Time:2019/5/7
What will cause the inaccurate feeding of the servo feeder? How to solve the feeding accuracy problem?
Inaccuracy feeding occasionally happens in sheet metal coil feeding process. There are various reasons that caused the feeding accuracy problem, HongEr summarized the main causes and solutions for the inaccurate feeding of NC servo feeder.

Uneven feed roller pressure
The sheet metal coil will be always biased in one direction because of the uneven feed roller pressure, which will cause inaccurate feeding.
Solution: If the coil sheet always biased to the left, it means the pressure on the left is too large. At this time, turn the left pressure adjustment nut counterclockwise to reduce the left spring pressure until the material runs back to the correct position, or turn the right pressure adjustment nut clockwise to increase the right side spring pressure.

Material deformation
The coil material is too soft and easy to deform will also cause inaccurate feeding, such as copper, aluminum. Excessive pressure on the upper roller causes soft material deformation and bias. The coil sheet will sometimes go to the left side and sometimes go to the right side. 
Solution: Please unplug the lower tube of the release air cylinder and fold it up. If the material is still deformed, please rotate the two pressure adjustment nuts counterclockwise to release the pressure. It’s very important for us to know your coil material kind before produce a servo feeder machine. Please confirm your feeding material with our sales before purchasing. 

Coil material uneven or burrs
The thickness of the two sides of the material is different or the material has severe burrs, will cause the material to always be biased to one side when feeding.
Solution: Adjust the pressure adjustment nut and change the inlet locating wheel to the inlet locating plate. Otherwise, it can only be solved by replacing the materials.

Machining or assembly failure
Wrong machine processing or assembly will also cause inaccurate feeding. This problem doesn't happen in HongEr servo feeders yet, if any fault of our servo feeder, please contact us now to solve the problem in time.

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