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7.Failure and Solution in 3 in 1 compact feeder

7.Failure and Solution in 3 in 1 compact feeder

Update Time:2014/7/29

Feeding error and only a fixed direction
1.Pressure is not enough from  feeding rollers
Increase pressure
2.Feeding length is too long.
Shorten the feeding length
3.Feeding material is not enough.
Inspect material width and position of guiding board on the die. 3 in 1 Machine and punch tools should be in line.
4.There is some waste on the punch tools
See if inputting board and outputting board has waste.

There is a error suddenly when feeding
1.The adjustment based on the material should be correct.
Speed of 3 in 1 machine should be match with press
2.Big moving space between roller and motor
Tighten the belt on the motor.
3.Relative condition for the coil
The coil of Length, width and thickness should be standard.

The coil become bend.
1.Coil width doesn’t match with the position of clamping wheel.
2.The pressure is not even.
The guiding slot on punch tool should be in line with 3 in 1 machine see if punch tool and material have waste.
4.roller pressure is big enough

Electric appliance failure
1.3 in 1 machine can’t start.
See if electric input or reset after urgent stop last time.
2.Out of operation at manual.
Inspect connected wire is correct.
3.Can not Auto-start
Inspect the switch and connected wire at key Auto start
4.NC program show failure
Reference to the Servo instruction book.

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