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GL-400 Unoiler Straightener 2 in 1 machine

GL-400 Unoiler Straightener 2 in 1 machine
Issue Time:2018-03-02
GL-400 Unoiler Straightener 2 in 1 machine 
Coil width:400mm
Coil thickness:0.3-3.2mm
Coil inside diameter:460-520mm
Coil outside diameter:1200mm
Loading capacity:1500kg
Expansion style:Manual Expansion
Straightener roller:Ø48mm*7pcs
Uncoiler Motor:without
Straightener Motor:2HP
Roller pressing way:Pneumatic rod
Roller adsjuting way:Eccentric turbine worm adjusting
Feeding speed:15m/min
Pressing arm:Without
1. With combined functions of uncoiling and straightener
2. For 0.3-3.2mm thick metal sheet
3. With manual mandrel expansion
4. Straightener value adjustment through worm gear
5. Suggested feeder: NC Servo roll feeder
6. Space saving 

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