What is Honger doing

Focus on designing and providing the highest quality coil handling and press feeding equipment, Honger develops with cutting-edge technology and considerate service. From custom designing&engineering to fabrication then to commissioning&training, Honger offers one-stop solution to solve the problem of feeding coil into the press so well and increase production so substantially. Today, Honger is a dedicated enterprise featuring facility manufacturing, modern management, extensive sales network, and ingenious marketing.

Design with Passion

  • Certified with European CE and China official patent for design & invention, Honger experienced in-house engineers are standing by to build customized proposal to realize customer target in terms of productivity, flexibility and investment payback.

Technology with Innovation

  • Honger is continuously growing to affirm innovative solutions and managing to foresee the emergent demands of the markets, which has made Honger be able to guarantee a high return and full capacity utilization of your press

Quality with Consideration

  • Honger insists on complete quality control from raw material processing to machine assembly parts then to a whole machine working system.
  • The customer service not only involves in the process of selling and the short installation but also accompanies your complete production enduringly.

Why choose Honger 

15 years of continuous research and practice in press feed line manufacturing has endowed Honger as one of China’s competitive supplier in the metalworking market.

Honger provides the world widest range of equipment, establishes a world throughout customer network, matching needs of small press shops up to major automotive market players.

Honger is aiming to achieve the cutting-edge technologies required by the evolution of materials available today.

Coil handling equipment solves problem of your press feeding.


Compact feeding line achieves profitable production in extremely reduced space.


Wide range choices of machine capacity will always find one to meet demand.


Qualified equipment guarantee long-life using, easy operating and outstanding performance.



15+ Years engineering experience


sales network covers
56 countries


500+ trained


20000 sqm plant

Application Area

Houseware industry

Lockers,Knives,Cooking Ware..

Electronic industry

Terminals,Spring Clips,Electric Cabinets,electrical wall brackets..

Auto industry

Brake Pads,Brake Shims,Brackets,Seat Belt Components...

Auto industry

Wheel Housing,Front Pillar,Rear Pillar,Center Pillar..

Automobile industry

We are professional Mechanical Press,Mechanical Press Machine,Mechanical Presses..

Construction industry

Door keeps,Door Rails,Kitchen Sinks..

Costume industry

Eyelets,Prong Snap,Jeans buckle..


October 26, 2017

Automatic NC Servo Feeder For US Customer

Our Client visited us from 20th to 21st, Oct for our Circle Blanking Line. The line consists of : uncoiler + straightener + NC zigzag feeder machin...

November 9, 2017

Decoiler Machine MT-400F For New Zealand Customer

Honger decoiler machine MT-400F for New Zealand customer, with pressing arm, photoelectric sensor. Customized for coil inner diameter 450-750mm....

November 8, 2017

Decoiler and Straightener Machines for Poland Customers

Decoiler Machine MT-800F.Straightener Machine HS-800A.Straightener Machine HS-600B..

Send the inquiry, Honger is ready to design the best machine solution for you!