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A terminal in electronics is a hardware device for joining electrical circuits together. There are many different kinds of terminals:
Solder Lugs
Tongue Crimp terminals (ring terminals)
Test probes (pogo terminals)
Screw terminals
Tab terminals (quick-connect, quick-disconnect)
Wire nuts
High Speed Terminal Stamping
In the automotive, communications, computer and other electronics manufacturing industries, the terminals are indispensable parts. It is usually in the form of a strip, has a clamping head and a lead leg integrated with it, and be formed by strip sheet metal stamping.
The traditional terminal stamping processing method uses the traditional press with manually feed. However, this method has low processing efficiency, poor stamping product quality, high processing cost, and high labor intensity, and is increasingly unsuitable for the needs of modern processing and production.

For the terminal production, the most efficient and reliable processing method in the stamping industry currently is the use of high-speed stamping production line. It can not only improve the processing speed of the stamping of the metal strip terminal to increase production efficiency but also produce good quality and low-cost terminals, which truly meet the needs of modern processing and production.
A General Equipment Configuration for Terminal Stamping Line:

A high-speed terminal stamping line is usually composed of a pallet decoiler for high-speed decoiling, a precision straightener machine for strip leveling and stress relief, a gripper feeder for high-speed feeding, a high-speed punch press for stamping production, and a recoiler machine for automatic leveling and collecting stamped terminals. Together, they form a complete and fully automated stamping line that can process terminal products of various types and applications.

During the use of the terminal high-speed stamping production line, the operator only needs to perform simple feeding, priming, setting, and testing. After that, the production line can complete the processing of the entire coil without any manual assistance.

FU is HongEr pallet decoiler, ideal for high speed stamping line, such as terminal stamping, metal button and small electrical parts pressing line.

The feeding speed can reach 24m per min.

It can stock 4pcs of 150mm width coil at one time, and suitable for all kind of coil inner diameter.

GS is HongEr mechanical gripper feeder machine, ideal for high speed stamping line, such as terminal stamping, small electrical parts stamping etc.

The feeding speed can reach 1200SPM.

Without marks left on the material surface after feeding, gripper feeder is ideal for copper, stainless steel, aluminum etc.material.
Machine body made by high intensive cast iron, through natural environment eliminates stress, echance machine durability.

High accuracy performace in automatic feed, single stroke or progressive die applications.

Forced lubrication system ensures the operation reliabilty.

Electric control system achieve a high automation operation.

65ton, 85ton, 125ton for your optional
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