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High Speed Lamination Stamping Line
High-speed stamping technology is an advanced forming and processing technology developed in the past 20 years. 

Among them, the motor core/rotor stator stamping is a high-tech stamping technology that integrates equipment, dies, materials, and processes.

The modern stamping technology of the motor core/rotor stator parts is based on high-precision, high-efficiency, long-life, multi-position progressive die that integrates each process in a die to perform automatic punching on the high-speed punching bed.
Punching Process
The punching process is that after the strip material comes out of the coil material, it will be leveled by a leveling machine, automatically fed by an automatic feeding device, and then the strip material enters the progressive dies. 

And the motor core/ rotor stator punching can be continuously completed from punching, forming, finishing, trimming, automatic lamination, blanking with skewed laminations, blanking with rotary laminations or other blanking processes, to finished products of motor core/ rotor stator parts comes from the progressive dies. 

The entire punching process is done automatically on a high-speed press machine.
The raw material punched by the progressive die is in the form of a rolled coil, so the stamping line is equipped with automatic feeding equipment such as double decoiler, s loop straightener machine, and cam feeder or high-speed NC servo feeder.

Due to the high degree of automation and high speed of the motor core stamping equipment, in order to fully ensure the safety of the progressive dies in the punching process, modern stamping equipment is equipped with an electrical control system in case of an accident. 

If a fault occurs in the process of making the motor core/ rotor stator, the error signal will be immediately transmitted to the electrical control system, then the electrical control system will send a signal to stop the stamping immediately.

For now, the most common equipment for punching motor core parts is high-speed H frame press. 

It has high stamping accuracy, machine rigidity, and reliable machine safety system. 

The stamping speed is generally in the range of 200 to 600 times/min, which is suitable for automatic laminating of motor cores, and other structure parts need skewed, rotating and automatic stacking rivets.

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A General Equipment Configuration for Lamination Stamping Line:
Function: Uncoiling the metal strip from coil material, double head type will improve the efficiency of changing the coil

Operation: Non-Motorized

Mandrel Expansion: Manually

Coil Width: 20mm-100/200/300 mm

Coil Thickness: 0.1-1.6mm

Coil I.D.: 450-530 mm, Coil O.D. : 1200 mm

Loading Capacity: 0-500/1000/2000 kgs

Spindle Expansion: Manual
Function: Leveling the metal strip, relieving stress, specifically designed for high speed motor lamination/ EI lamination production.

Coil Width: 20mm-100/200/300 mm

Coil Thickness: 0.1-1.2 mm

Feeding Speed: 0-60 m/min

Motor: 2HP

Straightener Roller: 5pcs on top + 6pcs on bottom, Pinch Roller: 2pcs, Roller Adjustment: 4 points fine micro adjustment

Loop Control: Photo-electric Sensing Device
Function: Fed the metal strip into high speed press and progressive die, high speed 500spm and high feeding accuracy +/-0.01mm.

Model: GCF-200/GCF-300

Coil Width: ~200/~300 mm

Coil Thickness: 0.1 - 1.6 mm

Feeding Length: 11.5 - 245 mm

Feeding Speed: Max. 500 SPM

Feeding Angle: 180, Release Angle: Adjustable
Machine body made by high intensive cast iron, through natural environment eliminates stress, echance machine durability.

High accuracy performace in automatic feed, single stroke or progressive die applications.

Forced lubrication system ensures the operation reliabilty.

Electric control system achieve a high automation operation.

65ton, 85ton, 125ton for your optional
5. Progressive dies
Material: SKD11/DC53, Tungsten Steel

Processing Equipment: Low-speed wire cutting, CNC process

Processing accuracy: 0.005 mm

HongEr do not produce progressive dies directly, we discuss each customer's project with our mold partners to find a best solution for you. 

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