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25 Tons C Frame High Speed Power Press For Button Pressing

25 Tons C Frame High Speed Power Press For Button Pressing

Dec 28,2015

The 25 ton C frame high speed power press is for our foreign customer who is specialized in making buttons.

A button pressing line mainly consists of decoiler,high speed roll feeder machine and C frame high speed power press.

This customer has ordered 4 button pressing lines from us,and the high speed roll feeders and power presses have been ready so far.

If you want to know more about the roll feeders for this project ,please check the last news in our website.

Also,we will post the decoilers as soon as they are ready for delivery as a news here.

Now please see following specifications for our 25 Tons C Frame High Speed Power Press as follows:


NameC-Type High Speed Press Machine
Stroke of slide20mm25mm30mm
Bolster(mm)600 x 300 x 80
Area of slide(mm)320mm x 220mm
Slide adjustment(mm)30.00 
Bed opening(mm)100x 300(400)
Machine weight(kg)2919.00 
Lubrication systemForceful Automation
Variable speed systemInverter
Clutch and BrakeAir clutch,Friction brake
Vibration reductionMechanical Mounting or Pneumatic Mounting

25 Ton High Speed Press Machine Picture:


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