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Mechanical Press 400T to Czech

Mechanical Press 400T to Czech

Dec 4,2015

Mechanical press 400t to Czech

2 Months production and testing, it was completed today.

Our High precision Press Machine is suitable the terminal , stator ,rotor , button ,eyelet etc metal parts high speed pressing.Motor & electrical appliance manufacturing,instrument,

Feature and advantage:

1,The machine body was welded of quality steel sheet and treated by tension elimination. This improve stability and reliability for power press.

2, In order to guarantee the machine running in stable and smooth, adopts the design of symmetrical two slid boards with balance .

3, The precision of mold adjusting up to 0.1mm, safety, reliable and convenient.

4,Crank, Gear, Connect bar are oxidized hardening and milled, having super comprehensive mechanical performance and durable function.

5, Reasonable structural design, is convenient for automatic production and line production.

6, Used reliable high intensity clutch / brake and twin electromagnetic valve,overloading protector an guarantee safe production all-around.

1.Pressing machine, Model:APM-400B
Rated tonnage point (mm)77
Stable speed(s.p.m)20-3020-40
Die height(mm)550550
Slide adjustment(mm)120
Bolster area(mm)3200*10002700*1100
Slide Area3100*10002700*1000
Main motor(Kw*p)VS30*4
Air pressure (kg/m2)6
Presses precisionGB/JIS 1class
Presses dimension(mm)3129*3800*5257

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