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The advantage of Honger high speed press

The advantage of Honger high speed press

Nov 13,2015

The advantage of Honger high speed press

HONGER high-speed presses study Taiwan and Japanese technology, the press body using high-

strength cast iron, annealed, vibration to eliminate stress and other processes in order to ensure long-

term precision punch. Bearing German FAG, in order to make more accurate puncher in the

 stamping process, HONGER punch not only dynamic equilibrium after the slider with spring

 balance system and thus double insurance to guarantee the quality of the product. Frequency use of

 Taiwan TECO motors, power bottom, under the same tonnage of HONGER punch saving about

 30%. HONGER since the establishment of high-speed presses up to get support of our customers,

 warmly welcome customers to plant assessment and guidance. Fifth, after-sales service is also

 considering purchasing equipment focus, long-term use of the device, it will inevitably fail, service

 should consider three aspects: 

① punch manufacturers responded and repair efficiency. 

② maintenance costs reasonable? 

③ manufacturers buy their own ease of maintenance. 

HONGER with a special high-speed presses to maintenance teams, punching with microcomputer

 control system, all the fault display on the desktop itself and maintenance simple. 

HONGER speed press year warranty under normal use, after 1 year, maintenance and warranty

 repairs only charge nominal fee. But now a lot of other punch factory are using the touch screen

 PLC control mode, in case of failure for a long time the high cost of maintenance, and is difficult to

 have the ability to buy their own factory maintenance.

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