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What's the Advantages of HongEr Machine

What's the Advantages of HongEr Machine

Update Time:2019/1/21

                    Advantages of HongEr Machine


 1 Invisible Advantages:


 1.1- with strong R & D team, technology sources draw on decades of professional research and development experience in Europe, America, Japan;

 The professional design engineers of the company have made technological innovations on the products to make the product more safe and makes the equipment with long service life;

 1. 2 processing equipment is mostly imported from Japan and Taiwan, and has a large number of senior technicians control processing equipment, ensure that every part of the machine are refined;

 1. 3 strict product quality management, the use of standard parts needs to perform 3A level selection, processing parts takes full inspection. HongEr has a three-dimensional detector of Mitutoyo of Japan and a quadratic examination of Mitutoyo.A number of advanced testing instruments such as measuring instruments and hardness testers to ensure product quality;

 1.4 HongEr Company is an accredited unit that has passed ISO9001& CE quality management system.


2. Tangible Advantages


2. 1 equipment simple for operation, workers can learn to operate equipment within 2 hours with highly automatic system; smooth and easy for operation;

2.2 Photoelectric material arc control system can control the movement and stop of materials as well as the decoiler;

2.3 The height of the feed line is adjusted by electric lifting, which makes the replacement of the mold to restart the equipment in a short time available;

2.4 With innovative work roller relaxation device and feed roller relaxation device for continuous stamping with high-precision feeding products; more easily achieve automation and humanized operation;

 2.5 The roller is leveled, the feeding roller is a solid roller, and it is hardened and tempered          by HRC 60 degree after heat treatment, and has high hardness, abrasion resistance and    long service life. High-precision rollers ensure eliminating material stress and leveling the material;

2.6 The appearance of each model are refined, with reasonable design and beautiful painting. Painting color can be changed according to the needs of customers, which is consistent with the main structure. It can improve your company's image and influence.

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