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How to choose the most suitable punch feeder?

How to choose the most suitable punch feeder?

Update Time:2018/10/23

How to choose the most suitable punch feeder?

The punch feeder is an automatic equipment for stepping and conveying materials for punching, and it is also an essential auxiliary equipment for automatic stamping production. With the increasing scope of stamping processing, the stamping process is becoming more and more complex, and the types of feeders are increasing. Many stamping owners who are planning to purchase for the first time are often overwhelmed by the variety of feeder models. They don't know how to buy, Honger Machine Equipment as a professional punch feeder manufacturer, here to explain the purchase points of the feeder.

The best choice for a most suitable feeder is not based on price, but to firmly grasp the four main points:

1. Find out the basic properties of your materials used in stamping production. It mainly includes raw material, material‘s hardness (yield and tensile strength), maximum material width, material thickness range, special treatment on the surface, and surface degree requirements during stamping.

2. Identify the needs of the stamping process. It mainly includes how many tonnage punches that you use,  the brand of your punches, your stamping moulds/dies, stamping speed requirements, feeding length and whether it is often required to change the length, the accuracy requirements and the actual daily output requirement of your production.

3. There is a need for a basic understanding of punch feeder.

Air Feeder

The earliest feeder type, the advantage is that the stamping owner can realize automatic produce under the minimum investment, mainly used for stamping speed, punching speed is not fast, and there is certain stamping experience factory.

High Speed roller Feeder

At present, the most used feeder type, the advantages are high feeding precision, high speed, no additional energy supply, and extremely low failure rate. It is mainly used for material widths up to 500mm and feeding length within 300mm and the punch presses with output shafts.

NC servo feeder

The most widely used feeder type, the advantages are wide range of use, easy operation, high feeding precision, multi-stage feeding, mainly used for stamping products with wide material width, long feeding length.

High Speed Gripper Feeder 

It is a high-speed punch-specific feeding device. The advantages are fast feeding speed (can be fully synchronized with high-speed punching) and high precision. It is mainly used for high-speed stamping of ultra-thin materials such as connectors, lead frames and connectors.


CAM Drive Feeder

It is a special type of feeding equipment, mainly used with  high-speed punching machine, producing transformer steel sheet, motor stator and rotor, EI sheet and other punching products.

4.Select a truly reliable punch feeder manufacturers, integrated your own budget, select models and then purchase. The manufacturer with real strength is more guaranteed in the quality and service, which can make the subsequent cost less. However, in the selection of the model, it still needs to take into account the use, maintenance, and maintenance costs

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