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What is Uncoiler/Decoiler? How to choose a right uncoiler machine for your pressing line?

What is Uncoiler/Decoiler? How to choose a right uncoiler machine for your pressing line?

Update Time:2018/7/23
What is Decoiler/Uncoiler? How to choose a right decoiler machine for my pressing line?

Q: What is Decoiler/Uncoiler?
A: Decoiler or Uncoiler is one type of coil handling equipment, used to hold and safely uncoil the steel strip. 

It located at the beginning of a metal coil processing line, usually configured with sheet metal straightener 

Q: How many types of Uncoiler machine?
A: There are many different kinds of decoiler machine.

When decoiler machine divided by different drive way:

- Motorized Uncoiler

- Non-motorized Uncoiler

When decoiler machine divided by different expansion Way:

- Manual Expansion Uncoiler

- Hydraulic Expansion Uncoiler

There are also double head decoilers, four head decoilers etc. 
Manual Expansion Decoiler
Hydraulic Expansion Decoiler

Q: How to choose a right uncoiler machine for me?
A: When considering an uncoiler for your application, there are several basic variables you should take into account:

1. The thickness of the material

2. The width range of metal strip

3. The Max. weight of metal coil

4. The coil inside diameter and outside diameter

5. Your application and speed request

All influence the uncoiler configuration and capabilities required for a successful installation.

Contact us now to find out the best coil handling solution for your application.

Q: Which industries are Hong-Er uncoilers found in?
A: Hong-Er Uncoilers can be found in a wide range of industries including:

the list goes on.

HongEr Decoilers:
Standard Decoiler 
Double Decoiler
Customized Double Decoiler
Customized Hydraulic Decoiler
Equip with pressing arm
Heavy Duty Hydraulic Decoiler 
Without pressing arm 
Heavy Duty Hydrualic Decoiler 
Equip with pressing arm 

We are always looking out for new industries and applications that can use uncoiler/decoiler; if you have an

industrial application that requires metal coil processing, why not get in touch with us and let us show you 

just how versatile our material handling equipment can be.

Send the inquiry, Honger is ready to design the best machine solution for you!